Sunday, August 3, 2008

You know it's time to dust when...

The other day we were all hanging out in the bedroom when out of nowhere Kailey starts jumping up and down screaming "Bubbles...Bubbles." Sunbeams were coming in through the windows and all the dust in the air looked like bubbles to her. She ran up and down the sunbeam trying to pop the "bubbles." It was the cutest thing, although somewhat embarrassing! It reminded me of the fish in Finding Nemo that loves the treasure chest in the dentist's fish tank....and don't pretend like you're too cool and you don't know what I'm talking about! Finding Nemo is fantastic!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

YAY, all caught up!

Yesterday, Wilma Dan's mom, and her husband Dennis invited us to go out on their boat. We met them at the mouth of the canyon, and as soon as Kailey saw them she said, "I'm Ba-ack." It was really funny! We headed up Provo Canyon and went to Deer Creek. It was a blast! Thanks you guys for the invite and thanks for dinner on the boat too! Owie just chillin', lying on me in his life jacket - that took him a while to get used to. He loved those Costco mangoes - but who doesn't.
Kailey, Grandma, and Dan holding on for dear life!
Me and Owie snuggling!
Dan and Dennis went wakeboarding. It was fun to see Dan out there had been awhile. I reminded him that he wasn't such a young buck and to take it easy. We have two kids ya know?

Owie thought he wanted to get in too, but quickly changed his mind when he realized this wasn't a heated swimming pool!
Grandma Wilma was kind enough to watch the kids for us while we played with Tony and Jocelyn. They had a ton of fun. Thanks Grandma!
Owen liked eating the paint more than he liked painting with is. Kailey really enjoyed herself though, and she's been talking about painting every day since. I think I'll reserve that activity for Grandma's house though - that's one mess I don't really want to deal with:)
Real cute Owie. You got anything on under that?

Independence Day

Jocelyn, my sister in law, invited us to one of her client's private 4th of July party in Tooele. The host has one of the largest collection of WWII memorabilia in the world. It was crazy to see all that he has, and we were just privy to on of his 10 warehouses! It was also humbling and amazing to talk to some WWII vets and hear their stories. How grateful I am to the men and women that are serving our country right now. And although it seems selfish for me to say, how grateful I am that Dan is NOT serving. I wouldn't wish those memories or experiences on anyone. Here are some pictures of the tanks and stuff.

There were posted signs everywhere asking for people not to touch any of the collection. To anyone that cast a wary eye at Tony, he replied, "It's okay, I'm a tank model." Clearly.

It was a fun time. Thanks Jocelyn!

Should've posted these cute pics in June too

At the end of May I watched my brother's kids for a few days. It was pretty crazy having to worry about 4 kids' schedules, but all in all, it was actually enjoyable. They were really good playing with eachother. And it didn't hurt that they all liked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As this picture shows, I really didn't watch them...Playhouse Disney did:)Ah, my favorite time of day. Bed time! Look how cute they are in their jammys!
A fun day at Kangaroo Zoo. I'm sure it's easy to flip this, but I didn't have the patience to figure it out. This is Kailey at Owie's party modeling off her new sweatshirt. I can't get enough of that cute girl!
Couldn't resist putting this one up either. I just love that guy!

Should've posted June 3

Now if that's not a face of a boy who loves his birthday present, I don't know what is.
Yeah, I guess I'll smile for you, I mean you did just buy my this AWESOME toy!
Wait, Shhh...don't bug me. Let me just enjoy this bite. Ah, Heaven!

Owie's Birthday! We had a really good day! Lots of family, yummy food, and fun new toys! His favorite was the ball bopper! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lame Returning Post

I know, I'm sure you're thinking, "what, that's all she could come up with after weeks of not posting...a stupid typing test?!" I promise, better posts and pictures soon. I've been busy doing nothing, I'm sure you know how that is:)